Bolt Logo

What's Bolt?

Bolt (formerly pyarn) is a javascript module system that consists of a runtime framework, compiler and testing tools. It's a command line interface, so the logo isn't featured in the product itself, but still needs to represent the project and engage users. More importantly, it's a project from my dear friend and colleague, James Kyle, who I had worked closely with for many years at Cloudflare. James and I were design and engineering partners there, and have remained close friends since. I have always had a blast working with him, so when he asked me if I would be interested in making a logo for his latest project, I jumped at the chance.

  Intial sketches


After getting the rights to the name Bolt, we were ready to get started. It was important that this logo go well with another one of James' projects: Yarn. He wanted the two logos to compliment one another, but also wanted Bolt to contrast with Yarn's cute kitten logo, to create some dynamic visual magic.

The logo they had been using as a placeholder was a nice, bright pink that complimented Yarn's pretty electric blue really well, and we both wanted to keep that color and run with it. I began by sketching out a few concepts that I thought would tie Bolt and Yarn well together and make good use of the color. I also wanted to play around with some overlapping between the two to create a nice purple, making the two really blend together and make something new altogether.

  Colorized ideas


With the later colorized versions, I felt I was on to something and got excited about the idea of yarn wrapping a bolt needle. I took this concept and ran with it. We weren't quite done, but I was ready to share the concept with James and his team. I put together a quick presentation running down some of the concepts and where we were headed. You can peep that presentation right here. The team loved the concept, so with their approval, I got to work refining the logo. One of the great things about working with James is that he has a good design eye himself, and we collaborate well. Together we picked apart the logo and refined areas of overlap to create the final version of the logo.

  The finished product

I had a blast working with James and his team on this project. If you'd like to learn more about Bolt, check out the Bolt GitHub repo. You can also see more of my illustration work on my Dribbble page. If you're interested in working together on an illustration or logo project with me, let's chat!