Landing Pages

Cloudflare Open Source

CloudFlare uses a great deal of open source and free software. A commitment to open source builds trust in the community which is a core CloudFlare value. It was important to provide a landing page that made our code easy to sort through and pleasant to use.

The CloudFlare open source page utilizes our brand colors as labels to help distinguish between different programming languages, each section of code is also categorized and can be reached via the top navigation, making it easy for programmers to find the types of projects they want to use or contribute to. You can see it live right here.


CloudFlare creates a lot of video content. Because we have so many features and products, we regularly upload tutorial videos and webinars for both customers and partners. To help users sort through this content, I designed a new landing page for this content that allows users to filter and sort through videos to find content most likely to help them. Checkout the Invision prototype for this project.